The capital committee is gladly writing this update to inform the congregation of the changes that have taken place in our special church. The trustees and Form Construction have been very busy this summer.  Below is the list according to completion, in process, and still in planning stages.


New 3 level lift at Church St. entrance
Reynard Hall –  new fire suppression system in kitchen, new windows in hall and kitchen
Sanctuary – new insulation to attic space
Link Connector – new gutters on back, re-graded lawn in front of to allow proper drainage (no more water in basement)

In Process: 

Reynard Hall – new roof and insulation in the attic space
Link Connector –  new roof
Sanctuary – steps to dais made to code (SAFER, WIDER, MORE GRADUAL), the removal of pews in front, and the shortening of 2 pews for wheelchair access
Choir Loft Lift – construction is starting now and projected completion before Christmas.

Planning Stages:

Mechanic Street – vestibule and lift
Link Connector – handicap accessible rest rooms

The members of the congregation have showed their love and support of our church, by the pledges, the pledge dollars received, and time that they have put into this campaign and into the projects. Remember folks, “it takes a village”, so it is not too late to donate, nor is any amount too small.

In God’s service,

David Kaiser and Lisa Hill
Campaign Co-Chairs

A Welcome Home: Capital Campaign 2016 – 2019

For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples. Isaiah 56:7

Campaign and Pledge Update

9/27/16 $396,849.70

The capital campaign committee would like to update the congregation on the all-church meeting that took place after worship on Sunday, July 17, 2016.  It was conducted by the church moderator, Jack Eklund.  Each of the following changes to the sanctuary, recommended by the AHSC, was discussed and accepted by acclamation:

  • Removal of the deacons’ pews from the east and west corners of the sanctuary;
  • Removal of one or two pews across the front, from east to west, of the sanctuary;
  • Shortening four pews to accommodate wheelchairs in various locations throughout the sanctuary;
  • Acceptance of a gift to underwrite the cost of constructing a lift to the loft.

Given the differing opinions regarding the pulpit architecture (rail/posts/dais/pulpit) among the members of the committee and heard from church members, the AHSC offered two options for the congregation to decide upon:

Option 1  Make no change to the rail/posts/dais/pulpit except to make the stairs to the pulpit safe and compliant with current universal building standards and codes

Option 2  Move the rail to the back wall on either side of the alcove with the pulpit centered and stationary on the dais; make the steps to the dais safe and compliant with current universal building standards and codes

The voice vote was inconclusive and, therefore, by a show of hands, option 1 was chosen.

The conclusion of the fundraising aspect of the campaign was celebrated at Homecoming Sunday, September 11, 2016.  Lisa Hill announced that 84 families either made a pledge or gave a gift to the campaign.  The total amount pledged is $396,849.70 and the cash already received equals $180,787.08.  However, because we fell short of our $600,000 goal, some hard decisions will have to be made as to what items on the project list will need to be eliminated.

Should the spirit move you at this critical time, please know we are grateful for your consideration.  And we are very thankful to all who bless our church with their time, talent and treasure.



Pledged as of March 23: $314,544.00

Campaign Visitors

Click here for our campaign visitors as of May 5th. (PDF)


Meeting Called to Talk About the Sanctuary

We’ll gather after worship Service on Sunday, May 1, to talk about the sanctuary and the changes under consideration. Come and share your thoughts! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to engage in the discussion.

Capital Campaign Kicks Off! 

March 13: Our capital campaign to raise $600,000 to make our church a more welcome faith home officially kicked off today with a celebration in Reynard Hall. Campaign Co-Chair David Kaiser unveiled the campaign progress thermometer, which is more of a whale spout, created by Chuck Talley.

Dave announced that $309,000 have already been pledged in the campaign’s first phase! We now enter the main phase of the campaign, where volunteers will be going out to visit members of the congregation to talk about the campaign in detail, answer questions about giving, and ask for pledges, which are confidential.

Dave reassured everyone that no final decisions had been made about changes to the sanctuary, and that everyone would get to express their opinions. “You might not get your way,” he said, “but you’ll get your say.”

Marc Anderson, chair of the Trustees Committee, spoke about the process for remodeling the sanctuary. The Trustees, he said, wants to hear everyone’s input, and hopes there will be good feedback from the visits. The Trustees will then announce a schedule for the project including sessions for providing input. There’s also a feedback form on the church website and you’re welcome to call or send an email if you want to talk about it. “But,” he said, “if you want to be heard, you have to speak up.”

The locations where new lifts and other changes are envisioned were marked in masking tape.

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