A Welcome Home: Capital Campaign 2016 – 2019

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do we need a Capital Campaign?

The “Welcome Home” campaign is to make badly needed improvements to our church
facility as well as create a more accessible and welcoming space for worship, events,
fellowship and community gatherings.

2. How much are the projects going to cost?

If all projects are funded, the total cost is estimated at $664,000. There are 5 major
areas of focus to the Campaign:

  • Improving accessibility, installing 2 new lifts, becoming ADA compliant $232,000
  • Sanctuary improvements to increase connectivity to the congregation $72,000
  • Capital building improvements and repairs (includes med + high priority) $158,000
  • Establishing and funding a Buildings Maintenance Fund $75,000
  • Consulting, architect, engineering fees $62,000

3. What is the goal of the Campaign?

Our capital campaign consultants have projected that we can raise $600,000 from
members and friends of the church. This was established by our consultants, Full
Harvest Consultants LLC, as part of the feasibility study conducted almost 2 years ago as
well as more recent interviews and studies. We will also be looking toward possible
grant funding from the Community Preservation Act and any other grants that may be
available. We will also be reaching out to former members of our congregation to be
sure they are aware of our needs as well as other members of the community interested
in preserving and maintaining our important historical landmark.

4. Who is in charge of the campaign?

The campaign will be broken down into different teams. The team leaders are:

  • Co-chairs – David Kaiser and Lisa Hill
  • Communications Team: Marc Anderson, Rick Price
  • Visitors Team: TBD
  • Events Team: Diana Dunn
  • Worship Team: Nancy Braitmeyer
  • Administration Team: Liz Field
  • Treasurer: Peter Hodges
  • Community Team: TBD

5. When is the campaign happening?

There are two phases planned for the campaign. A planning and foundational phase is
taking place in February and March 2016. This will include the invitation to some initial
pledges. The public Kick-Off to the campaign will take place in March. All members and
friends of MCC will have an opportunity to pledge before the end of the campaign in

6. Is a campaign pledge in addition to my pledge to the annual budget of the church?

Yes. We ask that all members and friends consider the vital importance of stabilizing and
upgrading our historic building so that it may serve and inspire future generations!
Everyone is being asked to stretch to make a capital campaign pledge, but the amount is
entirely up to you. Some people will give from assets such as savings, IRA’s, appreciated
stock, or real property. Others may be giving entirely from income. Every pledge of
every size is important!

7. How long do I have to pay my pledge?

There will be a three year payment period (if needed) for pledges, beginning in 2016. A
$3,000 pledge to the campaign can be paid at $1,000 per year, a $10,000 pledge at
$3,333 per year, and so on. You may choose any payment plan you wish over that three
year period: a one-time payment, annual, semi-annual, monthly – whatever works for
you. You will receive a quarterly statement from the church treasurer letting you know
the status of your pledge. You will also receive an annual statement for tax purposes.

8. How do I make a pledge?

You will be called by a campaign visitor – one of your fellow church members – to ask to
come discuss the campaign with you at your home, office or another place convenient
to you. The purpose of this visit is to talk about the church, the campaign, and the
importance of every pledge. There is no pressure!! We believe that you will find that
you really enjoy the chance to talk church with a friend (perhaps a new friend!) and to
have any questions about the campaign answered.

9. What if I know what I am going to pledge and don’t want a visit?

That decision is, of course, up to you. But you would be missing a wonderful opportunity
to share your views of the church and campaign!

10. Who will see my pledge?

Your pledge is confidential. When a visitor (one of your fellow church members) comes
to talk with you about the campaign, you will be invited to place your pledge in a sealed
envelope. The campaign visitor will return the sealed envelope to the treasurer of the
campaign, Peter Hodges, who will open and record your pledge. There will be no public
disclosure of pledges.

11. Are there opportunities to name something in memory of a loved one?

The issue of possible naming opportunities is being discussed. If you have a particular
interest, please let your campaign visitor or one of the campaign Co-Chairs know that
you would like to explore the idea.

12. Can a bequest in my estate plans count for a campaign pledge?

We strongly encourage everyone in the church to consider including the church in their
estate plans with a bequest or a planned gift. We hope to continue after the campaign
closes with a special effort to focus on Planned Giving to significantly increase our
endowment over time. However, we are hoping you live long and happily after the
current campaign finishes paying its bills! So we won’t be counting bequests for this

12. May I designate where my campaign pledge funds will be used?

All pledges will be made to the overall campaign. The Trustees and campaign
committee, having listened to the overall congregation, have designated what projects
are high priority and need to be completed as soon as possible. Please know that all
projects are being closely scrutinized in order to keep costs as low as possible.

13. When will the projects begin?

Our goal is to begin the accessibility work by early Summer 2016, starting off with replacing the existing lift. Work in the sanctuary won’t begin before next summer (2017). As funds are available, we will tackle the highest priority building projects as well.

14. If I have special questions about my pledge, who can I talk to?

We suggest you have a conversation with one of the campaign Co-Chairs, David Kaiser
or Lisa Hill or the treasurer, Peter Hodges.

15. Why should we have a handicap entrance into Reynard Hall from Mechanic Street?

There are several problems with the current handicap entrance at the Church Street side door that make access difficult. Parking for that entrance is on the road and there are only 2 reserved handicap spots. In winter, the sidewalk is often buried in the snow plowed from the street. The ramp is long and too steep to meet code requirements.  It’s not an inviting entrance, especially in bad weather. Our church will be far easier to enter in a wheelchair from the safety of the Mechanic Street parking lot, where we could set aside a few more handicap spots and create a convenient drop-off zone. The distance from the car to the entrance will be far less. All making our church a more welcome home.