Community Outreach Event

August 31, 2017

On Wednesday, August 30 from 6:30-8:00 pm the Mattapoisett Congregational Church will host a community outreach event on the topic of immigration in the greater New Bedford area.

Speakers will be: Helena DaSilva-Hughes, Executive Director of the Immigrants Assistance Center (IAC); Corinn Williams, Executive Director of the Community Economic Development Center (CEDC); Brian Pastori, Assistant Director, CEDC and Miriam Watkins, CEDC.

This is not a political event.  As a church we are called by the Gospel to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the sick.  Our concerns are the living conditions faced by undocumented residents in our area.  Fear abounds and many of us have a poor understanding of the legalities and situations facing these fellow human beings in our midst.

We invite you and your members to come and be educated and ask questions. Admission is free but we ask, if you can, please bring school supplies to be distributed to needy kids through the CEDC and for our annual collection for the students at Carlos Pacheco School in New Bedford.

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