Serve the World

Our missions committee actively works with New Bedford schools to provide much-needed assistance in tutoring and classroom help. We also work with the local food bank and other regional service organizations to help those in need. We love mission work:,we sent two teams to help hurricane recovery in New Orleans, and we sent a team to Cherry Log, Georgia for a week in 2014 to work with the Craddock Center.

In addition, our church is home to several support groups, including AA and Alanon, as well as several Scouting organizations. Please see the calendar page for meeting times.


Help Needed – Near and Far!



Needed at Hay-Mc: We are in need of gently used children’s clothing. Girls sized 4-8 pants mainly and boys 5-8 pants. Our smaller children and medically fragile children have frequent accidents. We are changing them as their parents often can not bring in a change of clothes. We are asking folks if they would consider donating their children’s hand-me-downs (no used socks or underwear). Our closet is running on empty. We just ask that they be in good repair since we can’t sew buttons/zippers or remove stains. It should be something you would be comfortable having your child come home in. As the snow comes we often get children coming in wet from the walk to school as well.


Typhoon Haiyan Survivors: When disaster strikes, we want to help! The United Church of Christ recommends that we make our contributions through Church World Service. Working with other church and non-church agencies, CWS has a network in place throughout the world. Not only do your contributions get to where they are needed quickly and efficiently, CWS is able to stretch your dollars to the fullest to supply humanitarian and disaster relief to the people who are in need. Either call 800-297-1516 or go online to Church World Service.

logo-2Heifer International: Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth. www.heifer.org  See pictures of our youth visiting a local farm in Rutland, MA that supports Heifer International.